Are you or your drumline in desparate need of a great fundamental program?  You’ve come to the right place! Covering basic strokes, timing, two height control, paradiddles, rolls and flams, the exercises included here are specifically designed to provide the beginning to intermediate drumline with a solid foundation for building individual and ensemble technique.

In addition to world-class instruction from Vic Firth Educator Eric Shriver, we’ve assembled an “all-star” battery percussion section to not only demonstrate each of the exercises at 5 different tempos, but present them here with video and audio tracks so that you and your percussion section can play along to help establish great tempo control and match the sound of a high quality ensemble. To make it even more fun to practice, we have added backing tracks to each of the exercises in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels so that you can test your current abilities and continue to aspire to improve!

These videos are a great resource to demonstrate to your students how attention to detail and high performance levels go hand in hand to becoming a top marching ensemble!

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