EXERCISE #1: “8-8-16”

This exercise works on full rebound strokes, making it a perfect way to begin each practice session. Here are a few things to look for during your daily rehearsal.

• Work for a full, relaxed stroke (stick height = 12”).

• Practice with the Play-Along videos or audio tracks, starting at the slowest tempo (Level 1: 90bpm) and progress through each level until you reach the maximum speed that you can play with a relaxed stroke.

• There should be no “stopping points” in the path of the stick as it travels up and down. The motion of the stick should be smooth on each stroke. 

• Keep the hand that’s not playing (the free hand) in the proper playing position.

• Also rehearse at a piano dynamic level or “tap height” (3 inches). At this height, the wrist will direct the stroke because of the decrease in the stick’s natural rebound. Strive for a full sound even at a low height, always keeping the wrist relaxed.

Including Full Battery Percussion Score and Part Booklet

Alternate Exercises for Tenors and Bass Drums


• As you move between the drums, always play in the correct zone on each drum. Allow the wrists to relax side-to-side as you move between the drums and eliminate as much forearm motion as  possible (without allowing the hands to turn past the french grip position).

• The 2nd measure of the “16 hand pattern” is written for quints. If you only have quads (with no ‘spock’ drum), repeat the previous measure.

Bass Drums:

• The 8th note split in m3-4 & m7-8 can be played with 3, 4 or 5 drums. At Level 1-3, play the split 8ths on a single hand. As you move to Level 4 & 5, you may wish to alternate the splits.

• If the tempo becomes too fast for more inexperienced players, you may wish to play quarter notes instead of eights on the “8 hand pattern.”


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