A Conversation with Matt Howard, Principal Percussionist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

On 7/8/20, we went LIVE with the Vic Firth Signature Artist, Matt Howard, Principal Percussionist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Join us as we sit down with Matt, and go through what it takes to make it through the audition process from mental preparation to physical conditioning. We’ll also see Matt perform excerpts and pieces from the standard orchestral repertoire as well as some not so standard repertoire!

Check out Matt Howard‘s signature concert snare sticks!

New from Matt Howard, Principal Percussionist with the LA Philharmonic, his signature concert snare stick provides the weight and control of laminated birch with a notably responsive feel. The swoop taper combined with the larger tip helps optimize bounce with very little effort, ensuring a soft grip and effortless response. This allows the player to be very nimble and versatile while not having a thin sound, especially at the soft dynamics.



For nearly 60 years, we at the Vic Firth Company have focused on developing and manufacturing what has become the world’s most popular drumsticks, mallets, alternative implements, and accessories… with the best durability, feel, and sound options, across the widest variety of genres and styles.

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