Rudimental Ram: Ninja Lick

Looking to keep up with what’s happening in today’s rudimental vocabulary? Want to continue to keep your chops fresh by learning some fresh new solo licks each week?

In this video lesson feature, Vic Firth artists & educators teach you a difficult “lick” that will incorporate a wide range of techniques, rudiments, hybrids and stick tricks! Each rudimental ram is broken down by the author, with the music printed on the screen so that you can stop & start the video and watch it played at a slow tempo. If you’re already an accomplished drummer and are looking for a challenge, then you’ll have a great opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world!



For nearly 60 years, we at the Vic Firth Company have focused on developing and manufacturing what has become the world’s most popular drumsticks, mallets, alternative implements, and accessories… with the best durability, feel, and sound options, across the widest variety of genres and styles.

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