Looking to keep up with what’s happening in today’s rudimental vocabulary? Want to continue to keep your chops fresh by learning some fresh new solo licks each week?

In this video feature, we tap the creativity and skills of some of the world’s top rudimental drummers to bring you short solos that will challenge players of all levels! Whether you’re a marching percussionist or a drum set player, working through the licks at slow-medium-fast tempi will help to improve your hands and stick control on the drums!

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Rudimental Ram
Vic Lick
  • Vic Lick #29: Davis Jay
  • Vic Lick #28: Myles Shackelford
  • Vic Lick #27: Kelson Lorenz & Steve Skokan
  • Vic Lick #26: Daniel Gutierrez
  • Vic Lick #25: Henry Gillard
  • Rudimental Ram: Roger Carter "SRC Jam"
  • Rudimental Ram: John Wooton "Phantom 87/88"
  • Rudimental Ram: Bill Bachman "Ubiquitous Illin-ness"
  • Rudimental Ram: Emmanuel Deleon "Pattern Against User"
  • Rudimental Ram: John Wooton "Werd"
  • Rudimental Ram: Roger Carter "Twitch Solos 2012 & 2013"
  • Rudimental Ram: Pete Sapadin "Ninja Lick"


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