We all know that YouTube has become the default resource for percussionists and educators who wish to view performances of 4 mallet marimba literature. Unfortunately, within this vast landscape, mostly created by the “selfie generation”, there’s a LOT of not-so-great videos that you’ll need to sift through in order to find a performance with note accuracy AND musicality.

Welcome to the Vic Firth “Marimba Literature Library” – a resource that will attempt to solve that problem! What you will find here are some of the best representations of the early marimba solos and etudes available. Even though we’re starting with a small sampling of this growing genre of music, we have many, many more pieces that will be added to our library as time goes by.

We hope you will find this resource valuable and will return often to view new performances as they become available!

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  • "20 Children's Songs for Marimba" by Bart Quartier
  • "Echos" by Kevin Bobo
  • "forFOUR - 7 Solos for Developing 4 Mallet Technique" by Josh Gottry
  • "Mbira Song" by Alice Gomez and Marilyn Rife
  • "Sea Refractions” by Mitchell Peters
  • "Sueños” from Impressions on Wood by Julie Davila
  • "Yellow After the Rain” by Mitchell Peters
  • "A Cricket Sang and Set the Sun” by Blake Tyson
  • "A Little Prayer" by Evelyn Glennie
  • "Conversation” by Akira Miyoshi
  • "Dream of the Cherry Blossoms” by Keiko Abe
  • "Etude No. 2” by Paul Smadbeck


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