With progress of technology, drummers of all ages are now recording professional sounding drum tracks, whether they have access to multi-million dollar studios or simple home-based recording setups! No matter what level you’re at, every drummer can benefit from from the pros who have learned valuable lessons in the studio!

This new series of videos will cover all types of situations – from studio recording sessions to movie soundtrack recording to web-based videos for training. Over the next several months, we’ll go behind the scenes with a number of Vic Firth artists to talk about recording gear, microphone placement, drum/head/cymbal selection – and learn tricks on laying down the perfect track!


Dan Needham was born and raised in up state New York in the town of Newark Valley just north of Binghamton. Both parents being musicians, he grew up in and around music and musicians. His father, a drummer, influenced Dan to pursue the drums at an early age. By age eleven, he had started to play professionally for society gigs and local bands. Throughout elementary, junior high, and high school, Dan studied with private drum instructors and developed a wide array of styles and techniques. During his high school years Dan won many honors including flawless scores in many state competitions, All-state recognition, and finally appointment to the McDonald’s All-American Band as quad section leader, as well as alternate positioning in the All-American Jazz Band.

Dan moved to Minneapolis after graduation and attended college for several years. Then in 1991, moved to Nashville to pursue music while finishing up his degree at Belmont University. While in Nashville, Dan was able to experience many areas of music including playing for a Brazilian Samba Band, eclectic jazz groups, country artists, R&B artists, alternative bands, rock artists, and pop artists.

Today, Dan is recognized in Nashville as a top up and coming session and live drummer. At age twenty-six, he had already amassed an impressive line of credits including; Michael McDonald, Vanessa Williams, Amy Grant, K T Oslin, as well as many gospel artists like Charlie Peacock, Petra, Carman, Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, and Point of Grace just to name a few.

Besides being in the studio, Dan has appeared on several nationally syndicated television shows including Regis & Kathy-Lee and the Pat Boone Show.

Dan’s main focus is, however, a band he was a part of for about a year called One World Movement. It is an all-star band comprised of producer/bassist Tommy Sims (Michael Bolton, Michael McDonald, Bruce Springsteen, wrote Eric Clapton hit Change the World), guitarist/vocalist Chris Rodrigues (Amy Grant, Shania Twain, Kenny Loggins, Vince Gill, Reba McEntire), and keyboardist Marc Harris (Be Be Winans, Whitney Houston, Trey Lorenze). It is a pop/R&B band that has a very bright and promising future in pop radio.



For nearly 60 years, we at the Vic Firth Company have focused on developing and manufacturing what has become the world’s most popular drumsticks, mallets, alternative implements, and accessories… with the best durability, feel, and sound options, across the widest variety of genres and styles.

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