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Hybrid Rudiments are loosely defined as two or more rudiments combined to produce a new pattern (i.e. “Flam” + “Drag” = “Flam Drag”), though this isn’t always the case. Because there are an infinite number of ways to produce new patterns and add variations to those patterns, there is no end to the number of ways that hybrids are created.

Hybrids are continually being created, and so there will never be a definitive list of every possible hybrid rudiment. The goal of this project is to demonstrate some of the most common hybrids and open the floor to new and interesting rudimental patterns.

We hope you enjoy working on the collection of hybrid rudiments that we have so far and learn from the many members of the Vic Firth Education Team who have contributed to this project!

Select a Hybrid Rudiment Below to Get Started!

  • Hybrid Rudiments: Balloons
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Blue Cheese
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Blue Cheese Paradiddle
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Blurz
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Book Report
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Cheese
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Cheese Chutra Cheese
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Cheese Patafla-fla
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Choo Choo
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Chudda Chudda Fla
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Churruckitah
  • Hybrid Rudiments: Chut Cheese


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