Track your progress on all 40 of the P.A.S. International Drum Rudiments with our convenient play-along audio playlists, graduating from Bronze to Diamond Levels, as well as the “open-close-open” option. Each rudiment also has an Application Exercise in 5 levels, plus rudiment breakdown and lesson videos from Dr. John Wooton.

If you’re new to rudimental drumming, we’d recommend that you take a few minutes and watch John’s video lessons on “How to Learn and Practice the Rudiments” and “The Real Rudiments”. Instead of working your way through the rudiments in order that they appear on the list, consider John’s “4 Tier” Rudiment Learning Sequence which will help guide you as you progress from one to the next.

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In order to facilitate learning the rudiments in a systematic way, Dr. Wooton suggests that you approach them in this sequence (rather than how they are listed on various rudiment charts or posters). This “tier system” approaches the most fundamental rudiments first, providing you with a base on which to build. Each successive tier adds on the basic skills learned in the previous tier.


Since joining the faculty at Southern Miss, Dr. Wooton, along with establishing a strong percussion studio, has introduced the USM Steel Band, Pop Percussion Ensemble, Samba Band and Salsa Band. He has served as the president of the Percussion Arts Society, Mississippi Chapter, and is presently a member of the Percussive Arts Society Marching Committee. Dr. Wooton gives clinics around the world representing Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Remo Drum Heads and Row Loff Productions Publications.

John Wooton is a lover of music as he performs, teaches, and listens to a variety of genres, but prefers a blend of jazz and several Caribbean styles.  Known as a rudimental specialist, John actually gets more work as a singer and steel pan player.  So, when he isn’t flipping sticks and playing ratamacues around the globe, you can find him dressed in linen playing at a casino, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, or dressed in style playing at a jazz club in New Orleans. Otherwise you can find him on a basketball or tennis court trying to stay young.  An 81% free throw shooter and 4.0 tennis player, recently bumped down from a 4.5…, proof that age is winning. 

The past few years Dr. Throwdown has played paradiddles with stick tosses and hertas with “Hi Moms” as well as flam 5s and diminished scales on his steel pans, in places like Tenerife, The Forbidden City, Novi Sad, Ludz, Madrid, Bucaramanga, Biella, San Juan, Missoula, Rome, Pescara, General Roca, Xinxiang, Buenos Aires, Lima, Houston, Gdansk, Vienna, Cali, Ferrara, Tegucigalpa, Port of Spain, Dallas, London, Mayagüez, Dusseldorf, McAllen, and many others. No, the countries are not listed… do your homework.  He is an international artist and clinician for several percussion companies, whole heartedly endorsing each one of them, not only for their wonderful products but for the support they all give to percussion education around the world.  Those companies are Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo, and Vic Firth. John also endorses Row Loff Productions, publisher for his books, solos and ensembles. Check out all their web sites, not only for wonderful products but also for their educational material. 

John is in his 30th year of teaching at Southern Miss, close to where he grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, so he gets to enjoy dat great Cajun cuisine and Miss’ippi bar-b-que. Doc, as his students call him, loves his job… making music with his students on various percussion instruments. Search Youtube for “Southern Miss Percussion” to enjoy some of the ensembles he teaches. He was educated in Lafayette, Lou., Denton, Texas and Iowa City, Iowa, receiving documents from all three places, but he was also educated by teachers such as Marty Hurley through the experience of drum and bugle corps, specifically one from Rockford, Illinois. He has won some prestigious trophies, including several national titles as a soloist, ensemble member, composer and teacher, along the way with these organizations but prefers to play music for the joy of the experience. 

Check out the books mentioned in these lessons!

The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book

This book is packed full of lessons and exercises. Neatly organized into 41 different sections, this book covers rudiments, one-handed exercises, stick control, timing, relaxation, odd-groupings, back sticking, & tenor drumming. A must for the private instructor and band director!

Dr. Throwdown’s Rudimental Remedies

A fantastic compilation of rudimental exercises written and collected throughout the years by Dr. John Wooton. Included is an accompanying DVD of Dr. Wooton performing many of the exercises and etudes. An enormous amount of downloadable play-along tracks are included on the DVD as well as insightful philosophies from Dr. Throwdown, himself!

You can find out more information on Dr. Wooton’s books on his Web site:


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